MAMAMOO Reveals Secrets on “Idol Party”



MAMAMOO Reveals Secrets on “Idol Party”

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Girl group MAMAMOO’s Whee In revealed her hidden thoughts.

MAMAMOO appears in the episode of “Idol Party” that will broadcast today, the 2nd.

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Idol Party is a program where gag man Kim JunHo, Super Junior’s LeeTeuk, and Girl Group LABOUM’s SolBin transforms into TV Chosun staffs to recruit idols for their own show.

MAMAMOO, in their recent recording, revealed things that not even fans knew about during the question-and-answer segment “Relay MAMAMOO-Patch”.

Whee In, when asked whether she had a member that she felt uncomfortable eating together with, picked out Solar from the scene, making everyone surprised. Leeteuk, taken aback by her honesty, suggested the two to come up and hold hands. The two held hands with awkward expressions, making everyone laugh.

This episode full of MAMAMOO’s honest talks and charms is scheduled to broadcast today at 11 PM KST on TV Chosun.

MAMAMOO Reveals Secrets on “Idol Party”

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