MAMAMOO member Solar discovered that a bag that she designed as merchandise for fans was being resold online.

The limited edition bags cost approximately $25 but Solar found out that someone uploaded a post reselling it for approximately $60. The bags were made in celebration of Solar's birthday (February 21st, 1999).

Solar uploaded a post on Instagram with a screenshot of the bag being sold online. Her captions stated:

"Is this why you bought the bags?"

MAMAMOO Solar Disappointed After Discovering Someone Reselling Her Bag


While people buying certain products and reselling them for a higher price is common nowadays, Solar's intention for the bags was to provide fans with something that they could cherish. Because the bags were made in celebration of her birthday, it seems that she wanted to do something special for her fans, only to discover that a select few were only interested in getting the bags to resell them for a higher price.

It's no wonder Solar felt disappointed after seeing a fan resell the bag for a higher price.

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Apr 14, 2020 10:07 pm

Look... you can't make people buy something, for money, that they pay you, and then pretend that it was a gift. And even when you give someone a gift, if the intention behind your gift is truly pure, you should accept whatever they do with the gift, even if they say they like it so as not to hurt your feelings and then give it to someone else. If you get offended by what they choose to do with the gift, did you really want to give them a present, or were you just doing it for your own ego… Read more »

May 14, 2020 09:48 am
Reply to  plz

but i think it's fair to be upset that someone sold your $25 bag for an unreasonable price. moomoos could be ripped off and that's rlly not fair. it's less about her own ego and more about the integrity of her fans and the item. no $25 item should be resold for $60. it's a rip-off