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When MAMAMOO took the number one spot on Mnet's 'Mcountdown' on March 22nd, fans were more than happy to celebrate their win with them.

During the encore period on 'Mcountdown', Solar was seen interacting with fans by waving to them and also at the same time having fun with her fellow MAMAMOO members. However, fans were shocked when they saw moments of Solar's lower part of her body 'disappeared' from time to time.

MAMAMOO Solar's Outfit Plays Tricks On Fans' Eyes

M2 Mnet

Well, Solar's lower part of her body did not actually disappeared. It was due to the dress which she was wearing which gave the illusion that her legs have actually disappeared.

For fans who were watching at home, they were more than surprised when they saw the moment too and commented how they had to take a second look before noticing that it was just the dress that Solar was wearing.

Nonetheless, it was a harmless trick on MAMAMOO's fans. What do you think of Solar's outfit?


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