Tinder, an app used to find friends or love interests. Now how would MAMAMOO member Solar use it?

Just recently, she helped create her manager's profile on the app and showed that she naturally just knows how to socialize with people whether it be in person or online.

Her manager is usually busy, and doesn't really have much time to make friends. Which is exactly the reason why Solar decided to help out.

She explained that she was going to attempt to make a friend for him.

She started off by asking what he enjoys doing on his days off. Eating chicken, gaming, and etc.

Solar made it her manager's goal to have ramen with a friend at the Han river.

He didn't seem to like the idea.

But anyhow, first things first. A profile pic.

What about this person? They talked about if a person has a nice figure, they might have the tendency to watch what they eat. So they decided to pass.


So she found someone who likes eating chicken and watching movies.

They got a match!


Solar decides to suddenly write "how about today?" when asking the other person if she wanted to eat together.

You can watch the video below to see what happens.


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