The murder of K-Pop idol Samuel Kim' father Jose Arredondo has been one of the most tragic events this year.

Initially, not much details were revealed surrounding the circumstances of the murder. As investigations continued, the cause of death was revealed to have been blunt force trauma.

Just recently, a man currently identified as Roberto N. has been arrested and taken in to police custody for the alleged murder of Jose Arredondo.

According to

"Roberto N., a 50-year-old man from Hidalgo, Mexico, has been charged with homicide in his home country, the release states. Baja California Sur authorities believe Roberto allegedly committed the crime in the company of others."

Jose Arredondo's family has stated that they know who Roberto N. is and have also stated that it is possible that there are others too who might have taken part in the murder.

According to Laura Arredondo, the late entrepreneur's sister:

"That particular person was a friend of his for 20 years."

While also adding:

"They have one of them, but it wasn’t just one [person involved], it was more. But at least they have one of them and I know that person is going to talk."

Investigations are still ongoing at the moment.


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Aug 2, 2019 07:20 pm

this is actually depressing for me????