Finally, Kim JaeJoong will comeback through KBS2 drama "Manhole" soon.

Is there any theme or material interesting more than 'Time Slip' or 'Time Travel'? "Manhole", KBS2 drama is based on fantasy dealing with time. "Manhole" is the first drama of Kim JaeJoong after his military discharge. As lots of fans have waited for him, this drama gets big intention from audience. Also, after Uee's participation in this drama was revealed, people's expectations are getting bigger and bigger. This is not the end of "Manhole"'s elaborate lineup. B1A4's Baro is going over "Manhole" script positively. Likewise, since 3 of them are all top stars loved by many people, this drama grabbed attention successfully.

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"Manhole" will go on the air on August 9th after the end of drama "Queen for seven days".




“Manhole” (2017 Drama): Cast & Summary

Nate Pann


Title: Manhole/ Manhole: Wonderland's Feel/ 맨홀: 이상한 나라의 필 / Maenhol: Isanghan Naraui Pil

Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance

Director: Park ManYong

Writer: Lee JaeGon

Network: KBS2

Runtime: 2017

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

# of Episodes: 16

Language: Korean




"Manhole" is a drama about the process coming and going between past and future through time slip in order to prevent the marriage planned 1 week after. 





Kim JaeJoong of JYJ as Bong Pil

Bong Pil, who is a main character in "Manhole", is out of work. One day, Bong Pil falls into manhole by accident and starts to have a time travel. He has extraordinary, unreasonable, and whimsy personality and handles his situation very funnily. 

“Manhole” (2017 Drama): Cast & Summary

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Uee as Kang SooJin

Kang SooJin is a beautiful AF and sexy woman who Bong Pil has crushed on for 28 years. She are going to meet the change and challenge 1 week before the marriage, because Bong Pil starts to time travel. 

“Manhole” (2017 Drama): Cast & Summary

marie claire



Baro of B1A4 as Jo SeokTae

Jo SeokTae is the one and only best friend of Bong Pil.

“Manhole” (2017 Drama): Cast & Summary




Interesting Facts

2 drama which will be aired at the same time with "Manhole" on other broadcasting stations, "Reunited Worlds" and "Man Who Dies To Live", are all fantasy stories about 'Time Travel'

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Oct 18, 2017 08:46 pm

Cool drama hope to see you real time traveling hahaha just kidding??

Jul 10, 2017 03:05 pm

Hoping for this drama to go very well.. Jaejoong has improved a lot in his acting ... Uee and Jaejoong should make a good couple ... looking forward to it.. 😀

Jul 10, 2017 05:44 pm
Reply to  IndieChikki

You're so sweet! I hope this drama going to success either ! Have a nice day =D