Maroo Boys Profile: The Much Talked About Boy Group Trainees with Park JiHoon

Wanna One‘s Park JiHoon is set to debut soon early next year. Members that have been part of YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE and Produce 101 are also to join him in Maroo Entertainment’s upcoming boy group.

Park JiHoon has had a successful year after his debut through Wanna One. However, fans are worried since Wanna One is only a temporary project that lasts for only a year and his future as an idol is unclear afterward. Here is what we know so far about the much talked about boy group. 


Maroo Boys Profile

Maroo Entertainment Profile

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JiHoon Wanna One 2017, JiHoon Profile

Wanna One Official Website

Name: Park, JiHoon

Stage Name: JiHoon

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Hobbies: Playing games. Reading

Interesting Facts: Was an actor as a child. Former SM trainee. Was formerly to debut with Astro.



JongYeon Produce 101, JongYeon Profile

Produce 101 Official

Name: Han, JongYeon

Stage Name: JongYeon

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Hobby: Collecting shoes

Interesting Facts: Former Nu’bility member. 



YoungHo Profile, Maroo Boys YoungHo


Name: Jo, YoungHo

Stage Name: YoungHo

Interesting Facts: Currently cast in YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE.



Maroo Boys DongJun

DongJun Official Instagram

Name: Hwang DongJun

Stage Name: DongJun

Birthdate: September 8th, 1999

Interesting Facts: Knows how to speak English. Can make songs. 



Maroo Boys MinChan, MinChan Profile


Name: Shin, MinChan

Stage Name: MinChan

Interesting Facts: Current cast member of YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE.



Maroo Boys JunHyung, JunHyung Profile


Name: Son, JunHyung

Stage Name: JunHyung

Interesting Facts: Used to be an FNC Academy Student. Current cast member of YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE.



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