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"Produce X 101" Lee JinWoo, Lee TaeSeung and Lee WooJin will be promoting as a trio this coming September!

On Aug. 19, it was announced by Maroo Entertainment that they have plans for the trainees to start promotion as a trio in September. They are also currently preparing to release an album.

Maroo Entertainment's Lee JinWoo, Lee TaeSeung & Lee WooJin To Start Promotions In September


Previously, the 3 trainees had appeared on Mnet "Produce X 101" and received love from the viewers. Although they did not make it into the debuting team, all of them had received encouragement and support from many.

The company continued by sharing that they wanted to repay their fans' love and decided to start promotion first as a trio. The upcoming album could be seen as a 'warming up' prior to their official debut.

Fans would get to know more details about the upcoming album as well as the group name soon.

Are you excited for their promotions?


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