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MCNDhad just released the music video teaser for 'Spring'!

Take a look for yourself below if you have yet to check it out.

On the strike of midnight of Apr. 7, they had released the music video teaser on TOP Media YouTube channel. Through the short clip, fans were able to take a quick look of the playful and mischievous sides of the 5 boys inside a classroom setting.

Previously on Apr. 3, the boys had teased the fans with a 'Coming Soon' poster and on Apr. 9, they will be returning with a speedy comeback with the song 'Spring'.

MCND had debuted with their album "into the ICE AGE" with title track 'ICE AGE' earlier in February and they are back in no time with a new track. Fans are excited to see that they will be able to see their return really soon.

If you are starting to gain interest on them, make sure you check out 'Spring' when it is release on Apr. 9, 6 pm KST.


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