Kpopmap KLICK recently started a new event called “March Hidden Gem Cover Special” which is an event where we invite some of our amazing KLICK members to cover recent releases that were relatively covered less and yet, are great songs that are definitely recommended. To get to know these great K-pop cover singer, we have interviewed each member who has participated in this event!

Meet Scarlett, a college student from the United Kingdom with full of dreams and amazing talent!

What made you start making cover videos?

As a fan of K-pop for a while, I have been singing Korean songs for so long that I cannot even remember. As I am trying to live my dream to become a singer in Korea, I tried to figure out the ways that I can present myself to the audience and also to the entertainment companies – that was when YouTube came to my mind. I first started out posting my covers on Soundcloud and did many short covers on Instagram. After a quite amount of time, I decided to do a full cover of different genres on YouTube and did some Vlogs as well.

Meet Our KLICK Specialist | Scarlett Nguyen

What do you do besides being an awesome singer? (I doubt this one ^^)

Not much to be honest, as I am still a college student. I am in my final year at the moment so working on the final project and portfolio to graduate are what I focus most besides YouTube. On the other hand, I plan to get to Korea to audition and maybe get a chance to experience this amazing culture but. I am still thinking about it though, I don’t know if I am too old to be an idol at the age of 23!!!

What was your first-ever cover song?

As far as I remember probably Baek Yerin – Bye Bye My Blue.

What kind of music do you cover besides K-Pop?

I do have interests in US-UK music too and it would be such a shame if I don’t know the names of all the legends in the US-UK music industry. I did practice singing a lot of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion songs. I love Chinese Pop music too, they have so many great tunes that I want to cover.

When making cover videos, what’s the most important thing that you do/check?

Everything is important for the final product to come out, however, I think 'expression' is what I try to improve the most on. I used to watch my old videos to see what I could do to make the next video better. Sometimes the recording session took so long and I even had to film it 20 or even 30 times, I felt so tired and the tiredness apparently showed on my face when I see myself again on the video. I guess being more professional with my expression and presentation when singing is my long-time homework.

Meet Our KLICK Specialist | Scarlett Nguyen

Who’s your favourite K-Pop artist to cover? And why?

I love Girls' Generation and TaeYeon. I've learnt by heart every single song of theirs. I have to say that I grew up with SNSD undoubtedly. That is why when Taeyeon debuted as a solo singer, I am more than happy to listen and learn her songs. TaeYeon is not just my favourite but rather a lifetime icon for me to look up to. It is a way to practice my techniques and language as well.

Can you briefly tell us what kind of equipment (mic, program, camera, etc...) you use for you cover videos?

For my videos I use a Canon EOS, a RODE M2 Mic and Cubase to mix music with Focusrite Scarlett range interface.

How long does it take for you to prepare for a cover song and what are the preps you do?

Before a cover song is the setup of the Cubase, Mic, and camera. Also, arrange the angle and lightning to get good quality for the video. My priority is how I can get the best with both the audio and video so it could last to about 7 to 8 hours including the mixing and making a video altogether.

Meet Our KLICK Specialist | Scarlett Nguyen

Is there any good tip that you can share to sing well?

I am not in the position to tell people how to sing, but if I had to share my experience then it would be the passion and practice. If you love it enough you will find time to practice it no matter how busy you are no matter what day it is. I believe in the 10000 hours rules of practice, I feel like I am always able to point out new things that make me better than I was yesterday in terms of singing the more I practice it.

Meet Our KLICK Specialist | Scarlett Nguyen

What is the goal this year?

My goal this year is to graduate successfully and be able to get signed with a label so that I can continue to sing and release my own EP with my original songs.

Finally, what does K-pop mean to you?

It is hard to define a value of K-pop in my life, however, it really does take a big part of me. As I have said that I want to become a K-pop singer, I find myself spending most of my time listening, singing, learning Korean and wanting to learn more, catching up with the music these days. I think that is how much it means to me.

Check out more of her amazing covers on her YouTube Channel!


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