Cao Lu of Fiesta, YeRin of GFriend and Kissum have collaborated this spring and released a new song ‘Spring Again’.

Meet “Spring Again” with Cao Lu of Fiesta, Yerin of GFriend and Kissum

“Spring Again” is basically a spring carol for women, especially for those who are not in a relationship. Whenever spring comes, couples seem to be all around with love songs in the air. However, there aren’t much songs sung for solo women. This new song is rather goofy than being sweet, with lyrics that can empathize with everyone. The lines such as “I gained weight after eating so much delicious food”, “I am living well on my own, please don’t sympathize me for not being with somebody.”. The unique voice of Cao Lu and YeRin fit the lyrics well, and Kissum’s rhythmic yet funny rapping wrapped up the whole song.

It is not only the song that feels adorable, but the music video as well. YeRin, unable to stop herself from eating, Cao Lu, staring at her phone dull, and Kissum having spring allergy, all depicts the reality of spring for most people, yet how they expressed it was just so charming.

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