Meet “Spring Again” with Cao Lu of Fiesta, Yerin of GFriend and Kissum

Cao Lu of Fiesta, YeRin of GFriend and Kissum have collaborated this spring and released a new song ‘Spring Again’.

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“Spring Again” is basically a spring carol for women, especially for those who are not in a relationship. Whenever spring comes, couples seem to be all around with love songs in the air. However, there aren’t much songs sung for solo women. This new song is rather goofy than being sweet, with lyrics that can empathize with everyone. The lines such as “I gained weight after eating so much delicious food”, “I am living well on my own, please don’t sympathize me for not being with somebody.”. The unique voice of Cao Lu and YeRin fit the lyrics well, and Kissum’s rhythmic yet funny rapping wrapped up the whole song.

It is not only the song that feels adorable, but the music video as well. YeRin, unable to stop herself from eating, Cao Lu, staring at her phone dull, and Kissum having spring allergy, all depicts the reality of spring for most people, yet how they expressed it was just so charming.

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Eric Nam’s “You, Who?” Collaboration Partner Revealed to be SoMi

Eric Nam finally revealed the mystery collaboration partner for his upcoming Spring single, ‘You, Who?’!

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Through his official SNS channels, Eric Nam revealed that Jeon SoMi from I.O.I will be his first official collaboration partner for the “SPRING NOTE” project. In the revealed teaser, you can see Eric Nam and SoMi laughing together while dressed in classic styled Spring clothes. A mysterious red string is seen tied around the pair’s pinky fingers, connecting the two together.

‘You, Who?’ will be Jeon SoMi’s first solo music activity since the disbandment of I.O.I back in January of this year. Eric Nam’s soft charismatic vocals and SoMi’s bright and energetic vocals will mesh together for the first track in Eric Nam’s “SPRING NOTE” project, where the artist will release a brand new song every Spring.

‘You, Who?’ will b released on March 9th at 6:00 pm KST through various music channels.


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EXO’s ChanYeol to Release a Collaboration Song with Jung GiGo

EXO’s ChanYeol will be releasing a collaboration song with Jung GiGo.

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According to sources on 16th, EXO’s ChanYeol is working on a collaboration song ‘Let Me Love You’ with JungGiGo.

Their collaboration was achieved by their close friendship. The two met through SNS, when they uploaded similar pictures. The two went and liked each other’s pictures, and with this, they became friends. They went to watch each other’s concerts and met privately.

Their friendship led to the collaboration song. It’s been heard that the two put in a lot of effort to create a better collaboration song. Fans anticipate for the chemistry the two artist will show in their collaboration song.

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