Meet The BEST 4 Idol Girls That Have Shapely Shoulders

Here’re four idol girls made famous by their special body parts.

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We’ve seen the headline a thousand times before. Whether it’s HaRa‘s famous wasp waists, YuRa‘s perfect legs, or Krystal’s flawless chocolate abs, there’s no denying that some K-Pop stars have perfect physical trait that adds to their level of fame. Sure, it could be the result of plastic surgery, the fact that they have access to some of the best trainers and nutritionists in the world, or there’s the chance that they were just born with priceless body parts. Either way, whenever we think of certain K-Pop idols, certain well-known attributes are often the first to pop into our minds. Actually, most idols have fine body lines, but some show off their outstanding body parts. Today, let’s see who has the most perfect shoulder line among the famous girl group idols. 

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Which celebs have the most perfect body parts? One thing is for sure, their shapely shoulders brought them even more fame. So see the our photo gallery below to check them out!


1. ChaeYoung – TWICE



2. Tiffany – SNSD

SBS "Inkigayo"

SBS “Inkigayo”

tiffany shoulder2

3. HyeRi – Girl’s Day

Girl's Day MV

Girl’s Day MV

BNT Magazine

BNT Magazine

4. NaEun – APINK

SBS "Cultwo Show"

SBS “Cultwo Show”

The 8 Cutest Idols Don’t Need To ‘Fix’ Their Bunny Teeth

With their perfect skin, body and hair, K-Pop celebrities have always made us realize how imperfect we are.

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But they also have very a minor flaws. Look at the list below to find out that these superstars are not as perfect as they seem. From BTS JungKook’ rabbity teeth to TWICE NaYeon’s clumsy teeth, check out top K-Pop singers who have the pretty weird dental structures. This list includes the charming idols with their bunny-like teeth. Bunny teeth mean people with their front two teeth sticking out a bit (even when their mouths are closed).  

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How do celebrities get perfect teeth? Some of celebs are born with them, but not many. Already, many of them, who have irregularities of the teeth, have decided to do a little makeover such as whitening, straightening, veneers and braces.

These stars all have offbeat teeth, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be hot, so join the fun.


1. Xiumin – EXO

Xiumin has seriously legit bunny teeth.XIUMIN TEETH EXO XIUMIN TEETH


2. JungKook – BTS



3. Bobby – iKON

His bunny teeth are insanely cute (especially paired with his precious eyesmile).IKON BOBBY SMILE TEETH


4. MinHyuk – BTOB

He has noticeable front teeth that are bunny like. MINHYUK SMILE2 MINHYUK SMILE

The following is the version of female idols.

5. MoonByul – MAMAMOO

Moon Byul bears a strong resemblance to EXO’s Xiumin and BTOB’s Minhyuk. Of course she has to rank.

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6. Choi YuJin – CLC

Of course Choi YuJin would be included.CLC CHOI YUJIN SMILE


7. SoHee

Totally expected to see SoHee here. SOHEE BODY SMILE2SOHEE BODY SMILE


8. NaYeon – TWICE

TWICE’s dear and cuty eldest sister, NaYeon. We love her bunny smile!NAYEON SMILE NAYEON SMILE21

Infinite L And 5 Other Great Celebrity Noses

We’re already jealous of L for his perfect hair and wardrobe, but now we can add his nose to the list of enviable features as well.

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When it comes to plastic surgery, many people bring pictures of their favorite celebrities to their plastic surgeons so that the doctor can copy specific looks or features. Certain celebrity feature requests turn up again and again in plastic surgeons offices, so much so that they’re given names like “The YuRi Nose” or “Suzy Lips.” Listed below are some of the most requested celebrity features and their noses.

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The nose is one of the easiest to change bust most frustrating parts of the facial anatomy. If you take a bunch of noses and try them out on a single person, that person will look completely different with each nose, so it’s clear that the shape of the nose is important. One of the most requested noses by people seeking plastic surgery isInfinite’s sleek nose. It’s not too long and not too squat. For many people by both men and women, it’s considered the perfect nose to balance out the face.

Inifnite: L

infinite l nose

Allure L

infinite l nose2



luhan nose


luhan nose2


TVXQ: ChangMin

changmin nose


changmin nose 2

Nate Pann

TVXQ: ChangMin

Most of the time, we often think of our favorite Hollywood celebrities as benchmark of what is considered beautiful. And it is not uncommon for patients to bring along with them pictures of their beloved stars when they come to the clinic to get a cosmetic surgery done. But there are definitely a number of personalities who have become a staple reference when someone wants to get a nose job. So, here we have the three more celebrity list of celebrity nose features that most patients request.

Plastic Surgeons Report: 3 Most Requested Female Celebrity Noses


Min HyoRin

minhyorin nose

Nate Pann



Girls’ Genration: YuRi



snsd yuri nose

Apink: BoMi

apink bomi nose

Studio Hamding

So who is your standard of beauty?