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For fans of SM artists, you might want to take note of this upcoming free performance in Seoul. If you happened to be in South Korea, make sure that you mark down this date on your calendar as it is going to be an awesome night filled with SM artists.

According to the organizers, KOREA Sale FESTA is a premier shopping tourism festival that integrate the distribution, manufacturing, tourism and culture industries. It will begin starting from September 28th and last till October 7th.

To mark the third annual celebration, they will be having a small performance with SM artists the day before. Find out who they are!


Korea Sale Festa Lineup


Red Velvet

NCT 127





Date: September 27th, Thursday 7PM KST

Venue: City Hall, Seoul Plaza

Ticket: Free - First come first serve queuing system on September 27th

Meet Your Favorite SM Artists In KOREA Sale FESTA: Lineup

Korea Sales Festa


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