Welcome back YunHo! He is going to come back through a lovely drama soon.

 YunHo and Kyung SooJin will portray beautiful couple in a web drama. Actually, this drama is based on the web cartoon of the same title, "Meloholic". YunHo of TVXQ has appeared in "King of Ambition", "The Night Watchman's Journal" and "I Order You" so far. He finally completed his mandatory army service in August 20th and came back. YunHo is gearing up to restart his acting career through "Meloholic"!

Moreover, the director of this drama, Song HyunWook is getting huge expectation from fans who watched his works like "Another Miss Oh" and "Introverted Boss". And here's one more surprising news for you. The beauty from LABOUM, SolBin will participate in this drama.

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MeloHolic is a cross-platform drama, it's in the middle of searching how it can be aired. Let's get it!


Meloholic (2017)

“Meloholic”(2017 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


Title: Meloholic, 멜로홀릭

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy

Director:  Song HyunWook

Network: TBA

Runtime: 2017

Air time: TBA

# of Episodes:  TBA

Language: Korean



Web drama "Meloholic" is based on the cartoon "Meloholic". A man who suddenly gets to have a power to read female's mind through holding female's hands, EunHo is a male ordinary university student. After EunHo's discharge from army, he becomes 'ideal man of every lady' by his amazing skill to read their inner thinking. 




YunHo of TVXQ as EunHo

YunHo portrays a typical university guy, who just got the elbow from his girl friend. On the same day, all of sudden someone hits his head with a brick and he wakes up with knowing something special and unusual happen to himself, which is the power to read women's mind just by touching their hands.  

“Meloholic”(2017 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

NAVER X Dispatch


Kyung SooJin as JiEun

“Meloholic”(2017 Web Drama): Cast & Summary



SolBin of LABOUM

“Meloholic”(2017 Web Drama): Cast & Summary



Interesting Facts

"Meloholic" is a first work of YunHo after he discharged from army service. Also, it's a pre-made drama so all the shooting for it were ended in August.

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