“Melting Hearts” series is back with a new actor to introduce. This week the spotlight is given to UP10TION's Lee JinHyuk.

It is hard to believe that Lee JinHyuk had just made his acting debut in the airing drama "Find Me In Your Memory" because his acting skills are solid for a rookie actor. In the drama, he is acting as the news reporter named Jo IlKwon and he caught the attention of numerous viewers.

He is a supporting role but he has a lot of scenes where he showed the talkative and cute vibes of his character who is working with the lead male character Lee JungHoon (Kim DongWook). His smiles and bright personality brought interest to his character.

Have a look at the gif below.

Adding to this, he also has a tall stature and charming look. He has his own runway.

Most of his scenes are most especially with Kim SeulGi acting as Yeo HaJin (Moon GaYoung)'s manager called Yeo HaKyung. There is something between the two of them.

Be aware of spoilers from episode 16 (30 min format). Since the beginning of the drama, the two of them keep meetings with each other. Kim SeulGi ended up helping him and supporting him. Like the time when his girlfriend was slapping him, she came to support him with ice for his cheeks and gave him a delicious meal.

Melting Hearts: UP10TION's Lee JinHyuk Is A Swoonworthy Cutie In "Find Me In Your Memory"


Watch the scene below.

But their relationship is also funny because it is not common. Kim SeulGi even told him, she could not remember him well because he had a common face.

It is undeniable that the two characters have a special chemistry.

In the latest episode, Kim SeulGi got to know that his girlfriend was cheating on him because she wanted to date a stronger man she could rely on. Lee JinHyuk and Kim SeulGi had this cute conversation:

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: What a ridiculous woman. And she is the one that slapped you? I knew from the time she could not finish her sushi set.

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: Calm down and drink something.

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: What will you do? Did you take revenge?

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: No, I could not do anything. She told me she likes this man more than me. I could not say anything. She wants a man who can protect her.

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: What? She said this man can protect her?

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: He is an MMA fighter

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: Ah, I see.

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: HaKyung. Do you also think that I don't look dependable? Do you also think I look weak?

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: Yes

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: I see.

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: So what? Are you going to just sit and do nothing?

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: I should take revenge?

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: Of course, it seems like her ideal type is a strong man. Fighting is not about strength but skills. Should I help you?

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon: Your help?

Kim SeulGi as HaKyung: You can't trust me?

Lee JinHyuk as IlKwon while patting her head: No, it's not like this. Ok, please help me. You're so trustworthy. You sure are.

He then started to tease her about her "strength" and "skills". This is how they decided to join hands to take revenge.

Watch the adorable scene below.

Viewers are looking forward to more of his character.

Are you also interested by Lee JinHyuk's character in "Find Me in Your Memory"? Are you also impressed by his acting?


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