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Just recently on the 25th, 100% member MinWoo passed away and left many fans and his band members in deep sorrow and mourning

K-Pop boy band 100% uploaded a handwritten letter that expressed their grief over their loss and gratefulness to everyone that showed them support.

Members of K-Pop Boy Band 100% Writes Letter To Fans, Thanks Them For Support


Below is a translated transcript.

"We sent off MinWoo hyung to a better place today. It's been 7 years that he was with us as a member of 100%. Despite having spent a lot of time together outside of work, we can't help but feel that all that time spent together feels much too short. It hurts us as we hope that he will appear out of nowhere as if nothing ever happened. We're writing because we feel that a lot of people are worried. Please pray for him so that he'll be able to rest in peace."

-March 27th, 2018 RockHyun, JongHwan, ChanYong, HyukJin-


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