#METOO Hits K-Pop Scene With Shocking Story of Victim


According to TV Report, a South Korean news agency, a victim has stepped up to tell a shocking story of how a K-Pop idol has threatened and sexually harassed her.

The alleged victim wrote on an online community saying

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Nate Pann

“With the #METOO movement finally making moves in our country, I was wondering why your name never came up once. That’s why I’m going to write about it now. It was that day when I became a middle school student, you asked to meet me because you said you had something to tell me. You took me into a bathroom, locked the door, and leaned in as if you were about to whisper something in my ear. But instead, you did something else, you began to lick me. You told me if I screamed or tried to leave, you would spread false rumors about me. After that, I avoided you at all times. You also told me that you’d spread false rumors about me if I didn’t send photos of myself naked. I was scared and gave in to your demands. I begged you not to spread those false rumors. Every time I saw you on TV, I had to switch channels. I know that it’s not just to me that you did these things. There are other girls as well but why is it that no one is speaking up?”

The accusations and identity of the K-Pop idol are yet to be confirmed.


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