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“Minamdang: Case Note” is a mystery drama that follows the story of a profiler-turned-shaman and the clients he deals with at the mysterious "Minamdang" cafe.

The drama is based on the successful web novel “Minamdang: Case Note” written by Jeong JaeHan. 

The leads in the drama are Seo InGuk and Oh YeonSeo.

Popular actor Seo InGuk has starred in the dramas “Reply 1997”, “Rascal Sons”, “38 Task Force”, “Shopping King Louie”, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, “Smoking Gun”, “Romance Island”, and “Doom At Your Service.” 

Oh YeonSeo has appeared in the dramas "Love With Flaws”, “Korean Odyssey”, “My Sassy Girl”, and most recently starred in the drama “Mad For Each Other."

The drama is expected to provide different fun from the web novel, such as the emergence of new characters and humorous development, drawing on the stories of the suspicious cafe "Minamdang" and the clients who visit. 

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Minamdang: Case Note (2022)

“Minamdang: Case Note” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary

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Title: Minamdang: Case Note / Minamdang Sageonsucheop / 미남당 사건수첩

Director: -

Writer: Park HyeJin

Network: -

Runtime: From 2022

# of Episodes: -

Genre: Mystery, Comedy  

Language: Korean



A mystery drama that follows a former profiler who became a shaman and the interesting stories of the clients that visit the mysterious “Minamdang” cafe.



“Minamdang: Case Note” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary

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Seo InGuk as Han Jun

A former profiler turned shaman that deals with the clients that visit the mysterious cafe “Minamdang”. 


“Minamdang: Case Note” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary

Oh YeonSeo Instagram

 Oh YeonSeo as  Han JaeHee

She is a detective who has been with the violent crimes unit for three years. Even though she hasn’t been on the team long she has been offered to lead the violent crimes division. She is lighthearted, doesn’t hold grudges, is honest, and believes in justice.


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About the Web Novel

The original “Minamdang: Case Note” is a mystery action web novel that unfolds the story of Han Jun, a former profiler who has become a shaman, and his colleagues. You can read the web novel (in Korean) here.

“Minamdang: Case Note” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary

"Minamdang: Case Note" Web Novel


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