MinHyuk of BTOB Involved in a Controversy of Flirting

MinHyuk of BTOB is currently involved in a controversy of flirting with a woman who has a boyfriend.


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Although there was an official statement from the entertainment and the singer himself, things are still clear as mud.

The incident started with MinHyuk sending a message through SNS to the girl. (Let’s call the girl, A) What he sent to A was not known. However, according to MinHyuk’s comment explaining what happened, he was just saying that he saw a woman who looked alike with her and had the same sir name with her, so he wondered if whom he saw was her family member.

A’s Boyfriend saw the message while he was using her phone. He got mad with MinHyuk since it was his second time catching MinHyuk’s contact.
He saw a post that MinHyuk left on A’s SNS in the past and sent him a private message asking him to stop contacting her. However, MinHyuk did not reply to him.

Anyways, the boyfriend really got mad since MinHyuk did not respond to his warning and did the same thing again, so he left some comment in MinHyuk’s SNS.

You should stop sending message to a girl with boyfriend. Mind your own business and think about your fans.
My girlfriend is ashamed of your actions of contacting her so you should really stop.

After a while the comment was posted, MinHyuk wrote a long explanation about the incident.

It’s quite awkward to explain such situation, however, I think I should. I sent a message to my ex-girlfriend yesterday because I saw a person who resembled her and I just wondered how she’s doing. Eventually, I did a stupid thing. It was not a special message, but it created such a big bad wave. I guess the girl’s boyfriend felt mad about my message, though I do not understand why. He could have just sent me a message about it, then I should have apologized. Instead he left some comments which kind of made me freaked out.
I guess I could just have ignored the comment, however, I thought my fans could be hurt by this, so I leaving an explanation. There are other diverse rumors around me and my group, but I hope you believe in us!

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the incident. After his explanation was posted, there were another comments from the girl and her boyfriend.

I have never been together with him. He’s making this into such a big deal. (By A)

Ex-girlfriend? You told me on our private message that you guys did not go out. But why did you say “ex-girlfriend” in your official posts? (By the boyfriend of A)

This may not be true, however, there is a rumor that the boyfriend might be a professional baseball player in Korea who is known to the public.

A also posted a long explanation about what happened later on. According to her explanation, MinHyuk and she never was in a relationship. They just met 5 years ago because they had a friend in common and there was nothing after that.

Fans were really confused since three of them were all saying things differently.

The latest post came up, and it was a captured picture of message that the boyfriend and Minhyuk exchanged.

MinHyuk: I was going to give feedback that we were not in a relationship, but I just liked her alone. I know I have done a shameful thing, and I apologize you for that. I will never message her again. However, I do not understand why you make this into such a big deal. I did not have any bad intentions in my message.

Boyfriend of A: I don’t care whether you liked her or what. Did you fix what you wrote your official statement?

MinHyuk: I will rewrite in the way I explained it to you.

Boyfriend of A: I don’t need you to condemn yourself in front of the public. I just need you to say the truth.

This was the last update on the incident for now. There was nothing fixed in the official statement or a new statement.

Fans feel very upset and confused about it and wish MinHyuk would explain as soon as possible.

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NCT HaeChan in Controversy of Being Friends with Excessive Fan

NCT HaeChan is in the middle of a controversy for being too friendly with his excessive fans, also known as Sasaeng fans.

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One of the sasaeng fans (A) received a cake from him and wanted to brag. However, another sasaeng fan (B) got mad at him for being friends with A, thinking that he was only being friendly to A. So B and other fans posted up what the conversation with HaeChan. In the chat posted, HaeChan talked about  his members badly – especially his group leader, because he would report HaeChan to the company whenever HaeChan tried to meet up with the sasaeng fan. Also, he talked badly about the managers of his fan page as well.

The managers who are called Homma, shortened word for home master, posted up tweets responding to this rumor.
“I know you are reading this HaeChan, I hope you are sorry for what you have done.”, ‘”The truth is finally revealed.”, “You should have quit when you knew everybody was just keeping quiet of what you were doing. Did you really think it would be alright? You must have had fun.”

At first, fans thought that this controversy was just baseless rumors, however, after they saw the reactions of Hommas (Home Masters), people start to believe it as true.

As this controversy surfaced, many fans posted up bad behaviors that they’ve witnessed HaeChan doing. They are also tracking back to what the members said about him, such as talking on the phone saying that it was his mom, when the other members thought it sounded like a friend.

It’s been clarified that the cake that he gave to A was fake. However, SM Entertainment and HaeChan have stayed silent about the matter. Nothing can be deemed true until an official statement has been made.


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Lai KuanLin of Produce 101 Gets involved in a Sensitive Diplomatic Controversy

Lai KuanLin is a trainee from Taiwan and he is now in the middle of a diplomatic controversy.

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Taiwan and China have been arguing roughly over the issue of Taiwan being an independent country or being a part of China. This has been a serious matter globally, and it still did not reach to conclusions.

Lai KuanLin, a trainee from “Produce 101” wrote in a board that introduced himself  “Lai KuanLin from Taiwan of China”.

Liu Guan Lin, Liu Guan Lin Produce 101, China and Taiwan, Liu Guan Lin Taiwan

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Fans in Taiwan heavily condemn him for saying so. “If you’re going to sell your country for your own good, the country will no longer be there for you.”, “You light you think of your country Liu Guanlin. Just be a Chinese.”, and even comments such as “He should be kick out of the country” were seen.

However, Chinese fans show contradicting reactions, “Why are Taiwanese so sensitive? It’s just a word”, “I like him even better after this incident.”, “He should be in the TOP 5., and most of them turned out to be positive.

Last year, similar incident happened when Tzuyu of TWICE held a Taiwanese flag and Chinese fans were fiercely mad at her. The incident ended with her apologizing.

What will be done to solve this issue cannot be judged since side has their own thoughts. However, relevant entertainments should think carefully since their choice will be the precedent for the future collisions to happen.

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