Sometimes, it's pretty hard to deal with rude or reckless behaviors of another person. It's so crystal clear that they have been acting wrong to you, but you just can't do anything about it. It feels stuffed and anxious when such situations come to us.

MinJae of Sonamoo has been facing several situations wherein fans act rude to her. However, she had her smart ways to handle the rudeness and this is actually a great gift. Like I said, it's hard to react right away to the wrong when we panic or get offended. 

Now, let's see how MinJae took care of things nice and smooth.

The first incident happened when they were having a "Mention Party". In order to celebrate their comeback, they replied to fans who have "mentioned " the group in their tweets. Now, we all know, it's not a high chance to get a reply from idols since so many people would be leaving mentions and comments. 

One angry fan left a mention, "I have sent numerous mentions but I am not getting any replies. I should really stop being fond of them. They have no interest in my comments. I feel shit. I have a lot of things to be stressed about and now... this!" Sonamoo did not promise EVERY FAN to be replying, that's impossible. 

MinJae of Sonamoo's Smart Move in Answer to Fans' Rude Behaviors


MinJae, after she saw the comment, left an adorable message, "No quitting ♥! You are getting the last reply! " Because of her brief yet adorable answer to the post, MinJae was able to avoid a hater being born. Also, fans who saw the comment condemned of the fan for being rude.

MinJae of Sonamoo's Smart Move in Answer to Fans' Rude Behaviors


The second incident happened on their fan meeting. After singing hard, MinJae was running out of breath and said, "Well that was touch!" A fan answered her "Then stop smoking~." MinJae offended by the reply said "I can't smoke and I can't even be near it. I refuse your comment, don't say such thing again." The fan apologized for one's action and she ended the conversation by politely asking the fan not to say such again. 

MinJae of Sonamoo's Smart Move in Answer to Fans' Rude Behaviors

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She'd get through with the tough world well with her own firm set of values and putting them into the action instantly.

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