Minzy’s Talks about Her First Solo Album

Minzy, a former member of 2NE1, talked about her solo album coming up soon. 

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It has been officially known that she has a self composed  song in the new album. Since it is her first solo album, with her first written song ever getting released, it will be her first time being  in front of the public as a solo artist.

She feels very affectionate towards this comeback.  Also, she mentioned that she feels happy to pour all her enthusiasm both on “Unnies’ Slam Dunk “, as well as the album and that she wanted to be extra perfect on both.

Her album is getting wrapped up all in all, and it is  gathering people’s attention as time goes by. Songs collaborated with Jay Park as well as her written song made the public expect highly of it.

Her album is due to be released on at the end of April, with no exact date told yet.

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Fans Surprise Minzy with Coffee Trucks for “Unnies’ Slam Dunk 2”

To congratulated Minzy‘s first official activity as a soloist, fans surprised the artist with a coffee truck for the “Unnies’ Slam Dunk 2” team.

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Ever since leaving 2NE1, Minzy started her first activities as a soloist through KBS’s “Unnies’ Slam Dunk Season 2”. To congratulate her first schedule, her fans provided a coffee truck to the filming location of the show. The truck offered a variety of drinks as well as delicious baked goods.

Music Works Entertainment revealed snap shots of the surprise gift, where Minzy posed with her fellow cast mates sharing a cup of delicious beverages. She stated, “Thank you for this unexpected gift! I enjoyed it with my Unnies members. Thank you for always cheering me on, and I will work hard to show a better side of myself!”

Minzy’s official fandom name was revealed as POS, meaning light. The coffee truck moment will also be aired through the show’s episode on March 3rd at 11:00 pm KST.


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Music Works

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Music Works

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Minzy’s Takes Jay Park’s Hand for Her First Solo Debut Album

The former sexy maknae of 2NE1 is getting ready to release her solo debut album into the world, and Jay Park’s got her back.

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According to a reliable source, Gong Minzy is in the busiest stage of recording for her debut album. Although no set date has been decided, it appears that she will finally return to the stage sometime in April or May of 2017. This album has been long overdue since her departure from 2NE1 back in 2016. Since her transfer over to Music Works Entertainment, Minzy has been announcing her plans of a solo debut. It will also be the first work with Music Works in terms of her music.

Although she’s been busy filming for “Unnies’ Slam Dunk 2”, she had regularly taken time out of her schedule to continue her work in music. With all eyes on the sexy maknae’s return, many famous musicians have also stepped up to help her out. Most notably, hip hop’s reigning B-Boy Jay Park will be taking part in her new album. After meeting up to talk about music, they have agreed to launch off her new solo career with a collaboration. Sources report that Jay Park instantly agreed and has finished recording his part for the song.

BLACKJACKs have been waiting a long time for this album, so it comes as a good news that it’ll be dropping in just a few months!

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