The drama "Miss Hammurabi" started this week with L and Go Ara. A drama about three judges that have a very different visions and personalities.

The first episodes were catchy and funny. Ratings were good too for a cable channel, according to Nielsen Korea, 3.7% for the 1st episode and 4.6% for the second.

The male lead was facing 'weird' women and offered funny attitude to the viewers.

The female lead too was hilarious and courageous. Go Ara was on her way to work in the subway. And she took care of three 'common' issues in public transportation. First, to man-spreading, the man next to her was taking too much space. She starts to stretch and the man sit correctly.

Second, to the old lady that was talking super loudly on the phone, she found her way to make her end her phone call.

Lastly, it was a pervert that was touching the butt of a girl, she took care of the issue perfectly and held the man to the police.

“Miss Hammurabi” Funny And Touching First Episodes


But this drama did not start only hilariously and with social issues. The love line is also well made. Both know each other from high school and the male lead did not forget about her yet. Cute awkwardness and touching moments moved the viewers.

Make sure to watch the drama for more fun. You can also check our Cast and Summary for more information about the drama, here.


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