The two reality survival TV shows are both struggling at the moment in all possible ways. So which one of them is actually worth our time?

Not only is the plot similar to each other, but the time frame in which both programs aired on TV was around the same time as well. Consequently, it was natural for viewers and netizens to make comparisons over the two shows from the very beginning. Here are some things to keep in mind about them.

MIXNINE vs. The Unit: What You Need To Know Before Deciding


1 The Unit's View Rate Dropped Harder Than MIXNINE While MIXNINE's View Rate Actually Hit An Embarrassing 0%

Both shows seem to be losing viewer interest and don't seem to have a clue how to get themselves out of this predicament. Here are the figures that show the decline in view rates for The Unit.

(As of October 28th)


First Episode - 5.0%

Second Episode - 6.2%

Average - 5.6%

(Aso of November 4th)

Third Episode - 4.7%

Fourth Episode - 5.2%

Average - 4.96%

(As of November 11th)

Fifth Episode -4.1%

Sixth Episode - 3.6%

Average  - 3.85%

(As of November 18th)

Seventh Episode - 3.9%

Eighth Episode - 4.5%

Average - 4.2%

(As of November 25th)

Ninth Episode - 3.5%

Tenth Episode- 4.2%

Average 3.85%

As for MIXNINE, the figures drop less in comparison to The Unit but hit 0% in the end.

First Episode - 1.9%

Second Episode - 1.5%

Third Episode - 1.7%

Fourth Episode - 1.3% 

Fifth Episode - 0.958%

If the math is correct, MIXNINE technically has a higher view rate than The Unit. However, it is impossible to make an absolute comparison since the viewer sources for each show are measured in different standards 

MIXNINE vs. The Unit: What You Need To Know Before Deciding


2 Which One of Them Generates More Buzz Amongst Netizens?

Sources from Naver News say The Unit actually generates more issues and newsworthy topics amongst viewers and fans. Statistics show that The Unit ranked number one in terms of being the most talked about TV show between October 23rd and October 29th. However, MIXNINE did take the lead in the month of November. Unfortunately, to predict which of the two shows will be a better source of popular issues will be difficult since the weight of both shows' popularity seem to be seesawing at the moment and will continue to do so until the end.

MIXNINE vs. The Unit: What You Need To Know Before Deciding

The Unit

MIXNINE vs. The Unit: What You Need To Know Before Deciding


3 Which of The Two Shows Do Netizens and Fans Search For More Online?

MIXNINE is currently more searched for online than The Unit. According to Naver TV Cast, Shin RyuJin's first audition video raked in 1,475,169 views after it was uploaded online. All of MIXNINE's online videos have more than 400,000 views while The Unit's online videos have views that are around 250,000 excluding HyunA's The Unit appearance video which has 480,000 vies.

MIXNINE vs. The Unit: What You Need To Know Before Deciding


Of the two shows, which do you think is the better one? We'd like to know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts!


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Dec 3, 2017 10:09 pm

mixnine is a mess, and they only throw the light at yg's ugly ass depressing comments. his comment r super rude he can always support in a reasonable manner. im definitely recommending pple to watch the unit rather than mixnine the viewer rating says it. and simple watch short clips and see the difference on hos theyre treateds(contestants).

Dec 8, 2017 05:15 pm
Reply to  Guest

I think i'm siding with u on this but i understand why yg did that. I think i have more issue on mixnine editing. It is messy af. The format is a bad recycling product of off p101. At one point I dont evn know why that former PD of p101 create mixnine and cant get hold of this show properly. At least the unit was clear from the beginning. It clearly shows the boys vs girls showdown and mixnine just throw everything without proper planning (looks like it). I dont watch The Unit but watching mixnine i feel disappointed.… Read more »

Dec 4, 2017 06:49 am
Reply to  Guest

get a life bro, it was only an issue for like first 2 ep with those comments, the ep with YG comments had higher rating then ep where he barely spoko so stfu