Girl group MIXX revealed the profile of their 5th member, LiYah.

Chiko Bros Entertainment stated, “LiYah, despite being the maknae, is very mature. She’s doing her job of being the team’s pivot well.”

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LiYah is Chinese like the previous released members, HanNa and ARie, and was scouted in China and have spent time in Korea as a trainee till she debuted as MIXX.

LiYah had gained attention before for her tall height and talented rap skills.

Though MIXX had debuted as a 4-member group in May, one member left the group in October for personal reasons. They’ve now regrouped as 5-member group with addition of Korean members Mia and HeeYu.

Chiko Bros Entertainment said, “We’ve released all 5 profiles of the members. Please anticipate and give us a lot of love for MIXX’s comeback next month on the 5th.”

MIXX will be releasing a new song ‘Love is a Sudden’ on January 5th of 2017.

MIXX Releases Their 5th Member LiYah’s Profile

Chiko Bro Entertainment

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