Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2016: Final Winners & Results

MAMA 2016 just crowned their kings and queens of 2016. Which idol groups received the most prestigious awards in all of K-Pop?

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Mnet Asia Music Awards was held on December 2nd at the Asia World EXPO in Hong Kong. As one of the most popular K-Pop music award ceremonies, the 2016 MAMA were jam packed with the hottest artists performing some of the most spectacular stages and collaborations. Along with their impressive performances, the ceremony awards a series of trophies to the musicians who’ve had a successful and most influential year.

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Here’s the complete list of winners and results for MAMA 2016!

MAMA 2016

MAMA 2016

_ Artist of The Year: BTS

_ Album of The Year: EXO

_ Song of The Year: TWICE’s “Cheer Up”


_ New Male Artist of The Year: NCT

_ New Female Artist of The Year: I.O.I

_Best of Next Artist Award Female: BLACKPINK

_Best of Next Artist Award Male: Monsta X


_ Best Dance Performance Male Group: BTS

_ Best Performance Female Group: GFriend


_ Best Female Artist: TaeYeon

_ Best Male Artist: ZICO


_ Best Male Group: EXO

_ Best Female Group: TWICE


_ Best Male Vocal Performance: Crush

_ Best Female Vocal Performance: Ailee


_ Best Dance Performance Solo: TaeMin 

_ Best Vocal Performance Group: Davichi


_ Best Performance Band: CNBLUE

_ Best Music Video: BLACKPINK’s “Whistle”

_ Best Collaboration: SuZy & BaekHyun

_ Best Rap Performance: Cjamm, BeWhy

_ Best Asian Style: EXO

_ 2016 World Performer: SEVENTEEN

YG Artists Will Not Be Attending MAMA 2016 at Hong Kong

Sad news for YG stans as the label just announced that its artists including BIG BANG, Sechs Kies, and BLACKPINK will not be attending the MAMA award ceremonies.

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One of the most popular end of the year award ceremonies, Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2016 is being held on December 2nd at Hong Kong’s Asia World-Expo. However, one of the major entertainment labels will not be of attendance for the major event.

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YG Entertainment announced, “MAMA’s voting will continue until December 1st, so we’re unsure about anything related to awards. Even if we decide to attend now, we won’t be able to prepare for the award ceremony stages.” BIG BANG, Psy, and Sechs Kies are all finishing up their new albums and end of the year concerts. The artists were unable to clear their schedules for a 3-day trip out abroad.

A source revealed that end of the year awards usually finish their final lineup 2 months before the big date. However, with only 10 days left of the actual show, MAMA has yet to secure a confirmed final list of attendees.

YG asks for no misunderstanding to arise from their decision as the sole reason for their absence will be due to the artists’ individual schedules and has no connection to the relationship between the label and Mnet. YG is confirmed to appear on the other award ceremonies as planned.

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K-Pop Poll: Which Groups’ 2016 MAMA Performance Got You Excited?

The annual K-Pop award ceremony of the year – MAMA – is coming to town! Which idol group’s performance are you most looking forward to?

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MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) is an end of the year award ceremony hosted by Mnet. An highly impressive lineup of artist stars from all over the world come together to celebrate the winners of 2016. The highlights of the award ceremony has to be the various special performances put on by some of our favorite idols. With such an extensive list of K-Pop comebacks this year, we held a poll asking which of 5 K-Pop MAMA performances got you excited.

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Among the choices of iKON, NCT, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN and BLACKPINK, the results are finally in…


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YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK was the Winner! 

Here are the statistics:

Food Destinations Votes %
iKON 74 9.5%
NCT 138 17.7%
Red Velvet 87 11.1%
SEVENTEEN 167 21.4%
BLACKPINK 315 40.3%
Total 781 100%


Although we can’t wait to see all of the special performances put on by these 5 fantastic teams, it appears the monster rookies of YG are the most anticipated group of all!

Thank you for all your votes, and make sure to vote for this week’s poll too!