Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2016: Lineup (Updated)

Get your hearts ready for another year of extraordinary performances and scandalous drama at the 2016 MAMA in Hong Kong!

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Mnet’s global phenomenon, Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) is coming to Hong Kong this December! MAMA, held annually by Mnet and CJ E&M affiliates, is one of the major K-Pop music award ceremonies in Korea. MAMA involves not only the hottest K-Pop artists, but also features the most affluent actors and celebrities from all over the world. With hot collaboration performances to scandalous stunts, MAMA never fails to deliver the best music and the best entertainment each year.

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News hit the ceiling today when Mnet announced its first update release about the long awaited award concert extravaganza. 

This year, MAMA will be held in Hong Kong on December 2, 2016. The news came as a surprise since Mnet has decided to host the show at the same location and same date as last year. The award ceremony will be held at the Asia World EXPO in Hong Kong.

With the impressive lineup still in the works, Mnet began its slow tease that will undoubtedly keep us at the edge of our seats.

Let’s Talk : Your choice MAMA 2016


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MAMA 2016 Lineup

EXO, BTS, TWICE, TaeYeon, BeWhy, TaeMin, GOT7, Monsta X,  I.O.I., NCT, Red Velvet, AOMG, FT Island, SEVENTEEN, ZICO, GFriend


Special Collaborations:

Zico + Dean + Crush, Suzy + BaekHyun, Timbaland + Eric Nam


Red Carpet Artists:

I.O.I, NCT Dream



Vote : Voting for the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) has officially begun!

MelOn Music Awards 2016: Lineup (Update)

Are you ready for another round of dramatic entrances and breath taking performances?

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It’s already that time of the year again, when the MelOn Music Awards rolls into town to crown the K-Pop acts with the highest digital sales and online votes. The MelOn Music Awards is an annual major music awards show that is organized by LOEN Entertainment and its online music store, MelOn. The organization calculates the digital sales records of all the albums that were produced in the year, and also opens up online votes to determine the popularity of that year’s artists.

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The main awards that the major K-Pop stars strive for are the Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Top 10 Artists, and best New Artist. With over 20 prestigious awards, all eyes focus on the event every time. Hot and legendary K-pop artists such as BIG BANG, Girls Generation, 2NE1, EXO and more have won multiple awards each year, so we wonder: who’s next?

We take a look at the lineup of this year’s MelOn Music Awards to see who will be of attendance and who will be performing.


MelOn Music Awards 2016 Lineup

(Updated on November 15, 2016)


BTS, Bolbbalgan4 (Sachungi), BLACKPINK, BewhY, SEVENTEEN, 10cm, I.O.I, iKON, AKMU, GFriend, Seches Kies, Zico


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When: November 18, 2016 18:00~22:00 KST

Where: GoCheok Sky Dome in Seoul

How to Watch: MBC VATV, Global YouTube, YouKu China, Todou


Remember to cast in your vote for MelOn’s Awards voting by visiting their website, HERE!


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MBC’s “ISAC” 2016 Chuseok: Lineup (Updated)

2016 welcomes the annual multi-sports competition of the most notable K-Pop stars!

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Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) is one of the most famous competition among the K-Pop idols. Each year, one to two championships are held where celebrities come to compete in various sports that are both team based and individual based. Some of the most notable games are running, swimming, archery, wrestling and much more! The show is a highly rated variety competition show where a remarkable amount of idols turn up with their fans.

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It’s almost that time of the year again when ISAC comes back around for the fall. MBC has yet to announce the official lineup yet, but a representative has announced through The Fact that the meetings about the show has started to go underway. We feel the lineup will soon be released, so stay tuned for updates!

MBC’s 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships Lineup

MC: Lee SooGeun, Girl’s Day HyeRi, Jeon HyunMoo


Team A:  BtoB, B1A4, CLC, APink, Oh My Girl

Team B: INFINITE, VIXX, Lovelyz, Girls’ Day, gugudan





We will continue to update the list as more information is released!


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The Fact

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The Fact

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Ranking of Mnet’s “Boys 24” Members: Final Lineup

The final 24 members of Boys 24 have been declared! Did your favorite bias make the lineup?

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On Mnet’s “Boys 24”, 49 K-Pop idol hopefuls competed in a series of challenges to eventually debut as a member of the final boy group. Out of the 49 contestants, 24 members were selected to move on to the next phase, which will be a year long of concert venues. After the series of concerts, the most popular members will be selected to debut in the actual final group. None of the contestants are trainees of different labels, but are unsigned private idol-hopefuls. The final members will debut as a group under CJ E&M as a normal non-project group.

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The final 24 members of phase 1 of Boys 24’s debut had been declared. Did your favorite Boys 24 member make the final lineup? Who passed and who got eliminated? Check out the final lineup of the Boys 24 members!

Ranking of Mnet’s “Boys 24” Members: Final Lineup

Unit Yellow (MVP Group)

RoWoon (Leader), HongIn, JaeMin, JinSeok, SungHwan, ChangMin

Unit Sky

SangMin (Leader), Issac, WooJin, YongHyun, YongKwon, HwaYoung

Unit Green

InPyo (Leader), San, JiHyung, MinHwan, HoChul, ChanYi

Unit White

DoHa (Leader), HwaJun, JaeHyun, JiSeob, YoungDoo, InHo


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