As many fans are watching this program, "IDOL School", the second ranking of it is released.

On 20th July, the second episode of "IDOL School" was unveiled to the public. In this episode, there are several lessons for idol girls student, for example, dancing, singing, adaptability for camera and team work. Also, girl students got a test to make a promoting video for a song 'PRETTY'. In lessons for idol students, some of students pointed out other students' flaw and also other students didn't acknowledge those comments on themselves. Luckily, despite of those conflicts, there was nobody to fail in the end.

Song HaYoung, who won the second ranking last week, becomes a rising star in this episode. She showed off her outstanding dancing skills in lesson to pick dance break and was ranked top 2 with Natty. Song HaYoung also won the first ranking in voting in real time and eventually got 1st rank in final grade announcement on the same day. 

Meanwhile, "IDOL School", which is setting themselves as an idol girls fostering variety program, keep system to grade students mostly based on audiences' estimation and reactions. Who will be the final 9 members in "IDOL School"?

Let's check out the second ranking in real time of "IDOL School".


Mnet “IDOL School” 2nd Ranking: As of July 20th


1st – Song HaYoung 

2nd – Lee HaeIn 

3rd – Lee ChaeYoung

4rd – Park JiWon 

5th – Natty 

6th – Baek JiHeon 

7th – Jo YooRi 

8th – Lee SaeRom 

9th – Lee NaKyung

10th – Seo HeRin

Mnet “IDOL School” 2nd Ranking: As of July 20th


11th – Lee Seoyeon

12th – Yoo JiNa 

13th – Bae EunYoung 

14th – Kim EunSeo 

15th – Kim EunKyul 

16th –  Chu WonHee

17th – Bin HaNeul 

18th – Park SoMyung

19th – Lee SiAn

20th – Kim MyungJi


Mnet “IDOL School” 2nd Ranking: As of July 20th


21st – Park Sun 

22nd – No JiSun

23rd – Shin SiAh

24th – Tasha

25th – JangKyuRi

26th – Lee YouJung

27th – Lee YoungYoo

28th – Jo YooBin

29th – Jo YoungJoo

30th – Yoon JiWoo

Mnet “IDOL School” 2nd Ranking: As of July 20th


31st – Kim JooHyun

32nd – Snowbaby

33rd – White Michelle

34th – Lee Seul

35th – Yang YeonJi

36th – Kim NaYeon

37th – Jung SoMi

38th – Lee DaHee

39th -  Hong SiWoo

40th – Jo SeRim


Keep an eye on the program whether there will be any surprising changes in the rank!

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