"IDOL School"'s first team mission and assessment just began. 

On July 27th, the 3rd episode of Mnet IDOL School was released. Every time the new episode of "IDOL School" was broadcasting, lots of controversies are aroused and it means this program is getting tremendous attention from people as much as lots of controversies. In this episode, before the debut test started, 'Excellent Student' are selected. They had to practice with team mates. Lee SeoYeon covered BLACKPINK's 'WHISTLE' and Lee HaeIn commented on her, "She knows the YG's vibe well.". As Lee SeoYeon was a YG entertainment's trainee, she confessed "It's just like a habit. YG was the first entertainment in which I began to trained since I was young.". 

In succession, the stage of Team 1 started. Team 1 covered GFRIEND's 'Me Gustas Tu' and Team 2 performed BLACKPINK's 'WHISTLE'. Even though Team 2's teamwork was too bad to get good feedback from others, on the stage, members of Team 2 got praises from BaDa

Different from other episodes, there are no final rankings released but only interim ranking in 3rd episode. For the justice of voting system, staffs delayed opening the rankings on that day because there were still the other teams which didn't perform. Also, staffs revealed that they are not going to release the next rankings of IDOL Shcool's students on 4th episode, too. Next week, there will be 8 students who failed to stay in school, but there's no releasing. It's because lots of stages are still remained not broadcasting. 


Mnet “IDOL School” 3rd Ranking: As of July 27th


1st – Song HaYoung 

2nd – Lee HaeIn 

3rd – Lee ChaeYoung

4rd – Baek JiHeon 

5th – Park JiWon 

6th – Natty 

7th –  Lee NaKyung  

8th – Lee SaeRom 

9th –  Yoo JiNa

10th – Lee Seoyeon


Mnet “IDOL School” 3rd Ranking: As of July 27th


11th – Bae EunYoung 

12th – Jo YooRi 

13th – Seo HeRin

14th – Kim EunSeo 

15th – Park SoMyung

16th –  JangKyuRi 

17th – Lee SiAn 

18th – Chu WonHee

19th – Bin HaNeul 

20th – No JiSun 


Mnet “IDOL School” 3rd Ranking: As of July 27th


21st – Kim MyungJi 

22nd – Lee YouJungShin SiAh

24th – Park Sun 

25th – Kim EunKyul 

26th – Jo YoungJoo

27th – Shin SiAh 

28th – Snowbaby 

29th – Lee YoungYoo

30th – Lee Seul 


Mnet “IDOL School” 3rd Ranking: As of July 27th


31st – Kim JooHyun

32nd – Kim NaYeon

33rd – Yoon JiWoo 

34th – Jo YooBin

35th – Yang YeonJi 

36th – White Michelle  

37th – Jo SeRim 

38th – Hong SiWoo

39th –  Jung SoMi

40th – Lee DaHee


Keep an eye on the program whether there will be any surprising changes in the rank!

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Hani's EXID
Hani's EXID
Jul 31, 2017 08:06 am

You missed out Tasha at #23.

Aug 18, 2017 10:02 am
Reply to  Hani's EXID

Wow, even here, she's being overlooked. 🙁