Mnet “IDOL School” 7th Ranking: As of August 31st

As 10 students are decided to be out, 7th episode was very important phase of Mnet “IDOL School”.

Students of “IDOL School” gave people strong impression through the test. On 31st, “IDOL School” released the result of ‘The online interview with fans and test of star quality’. The test of star quality was estimated by the number of view of the online live show on August 11th, when 5th episode of “IDOL School” was planned to be aired. Thus, the member who got the most accumulated hits could get the benefit. The benefit of 7th episode was ‘Right to raise the grade on 1st-level’. 

Song HaYoung, who got the most votes so far, demonstrated her tremendous popularity through amazing hits. Also, her partner who appeared with her, Lee SaeRom could get 1st winner of the test of star quality. Song HaYoung and Lee SaeRom received the benefit and they recorded 1st and 2nd winner of the total ranking side by side.

However, Park SoMyung, who entered the debuting line (9 students from the top) for her first time on 6th episode, failed to stay in.

On the next term-end test, there will be fixed 18 students who can go the final debuting members, so keep an eye on them!


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Mnet “IDOL School”

1st – Song HaYoung

2nd – Lee SaeRom

3rd – Roh JiSun

4th – Park JiWon

5th – Lee NaKyung

6th – Lee SeoYeon

7th – Yoo JiNa

8th – Lee ChaeYoung

9th – Lee HaeIn

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