GWSN debut is coming this September. GWSN is a 7-member girl group that is already receiving much attention.

Mnet will broadcast GWSN's debut reality show name "GOT YA! GWSN" that will show the various charms of the girls. The MCs are none other than Kim ShinYoung, DinDin, Girl's Day's SoJin, and Highlight's Son DongWoon. They will try to analyze the girls' characters.

The program will be a combination of observation and game. Viewers will also be able to meet the girls through this observation show.

With their upcoming debut, the girls are communicating with their fans through their official SNS such as their Facebook and Instagram. They are having live broadcast and busking, etc. GWSN are already grabbing the attention of Korean and international fans. Many are curious about what they will show in their reality show.

Here are the girls.

Mnet Released Second Teaser For GWSN Reality Show "GOT YA! GWSN"


You can find below one of the teasers of the show.

The first broadcast of the show is on August 2nd at 7:30 pm KST on Mnet.


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