Mnet To Take Down VOD For All 4 Seasons Of “Produce”



Mnet To Take Down VOD For All 4 Seasons Of “Produce”

Naver TV

With things escalating for Mnet “Produce” series, it was announced on Nov. 18 that Mnet will be taking down all the VOD available for the 4 seasons of “Produce”.

Currently, the videos available on Mnet and TVING (online streaming platform) had been removed and they plan to remove those from other platforms soon.

For those who are unsure of the on-goings, the main producer of “Produce” had admitted to manipulations of all 4 seasons. Other parties involved in the act had also been summoned for investigation and it is expected that results of the findings would be released soon.

Mnet To Take Down VOD For All 4 Seasons Of “Produce”

Naver News

Fans who had heard the news were sad to find out that they will be taking down the videos as it was part of the memory lane for many loyal viewers. It was also mentioned that even clips from portals such as Naver TV will also be taken down.

Previously, Mnet had released an official statement saying that they will be responsible for the losses and is currently discussing internally for the compensation for those affected.

Aside from the 4 seasons of “Produce” series, Mnet had also removed the VOD for “Idol School” which had also received allegations of manipulation.

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