Joo WooJae's Instagram

Joo WooJae is a model and actor part of the YG family. He appeared in “Come and Hug Me” and “Love Alert“. Currently, he is acting in the drama “Best Chicken“ with Kim SoHye (former I.O.I member) and Park SunHo.

He has great skills for taking pictures. Joo WooJae is quite active on Instagram and he took many handsome pictures.

On Jan. 29, he posted a picture of him wearing glasses. His great sense of fashion and his chic pose caught attention.

Model And Actor Joo WooJae From "Best Chicken" Is Looking Chic On His Instagram Picture

Joo WooJae's Instagram

Netizens commented, "Handsome", "Because he is a model, he looks cool", "Why doesn't he age?", "Love you", "Different from others", "Oppa", etc.

You can follow Joo WooJae on his Instagram below @ophen28. Check out more picture of him and his cute dog on his account.

Are you watching "Best Chicken"?


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