With so many male celebrities being named as participants of Jung JoonYoung's scandalous chat rooms where the distribution of explicit videos of women filmed through hidden cameras were rampant, the situation doesn't seem to be calming down any time soon.

But fans of model Lee CheolWoo can rest at ease as his agency Esteem Entertainment has confirmed that while Lee CheolWoo was in a chat room with Jung JoonYoung, it wasn't the same chat room that is currently the biggest scandal in K-Pop at the moment.

The chat room that Lee CheolWoo was in with Jung JoonYoung was a different one where they would talk about the schedules of a variety program that they were in together three years ago.

Lee CheolWoo has not been labeled as a suspect by the South Korean authorities and Esteem Entertainment has also emphasized that he was never involved in secretly filming women nor distributing explicit hidden camera videos.

Model Lee CheolWoo Was In A Chat Room With Jung JoonYoung

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