Most of BTS fans would have already known that RM is not only the leader and rapper of the team but he is also known as the 'God Of Destruction'. This is because most of the time, things tend to either break or malfunction when he touched them.

The most recent incident happened at SBS "Inkigayo" when RM accidentally ripped open JungKook's shirt during their performance of 'Fake Love'.

Fans were shocked and amused at the same time by the unexpected accident.

After the performance had ended, RM commented that he is usually very careful and serious and uploaded a picture of his hand on Twitter.

Previously, there were also many times which allowed him to earn him the nickname.

Many could tell by the gif that RM broke the temple of his sunglasses without even using much force and it even took him by surprise!

During their rookie days, RM had also shocked many when he broke the sign when he was literally just talking!

During another time when BTS was filming for their second album "Wings", RM shook the door of the telephone booth too hard and caused the telephone inside to fall to the ground.

Many were confused by how it had happened.

When BTS went on MBC "Weekly Idol", BTS members were about to play a game which is to see how fast they could tear the pages of a calendar under a certain time limit. However, RM destroyed the first piece of calendar by accident even before the game began!

Of course there were also many other incidents and fans found it funny and endearing at the same time.

Moments of BTS's RM As 'God Of Destruction'

Big Hit Entertainment

Despite how RM is, many fans still like the way he is.

Let us know which is your favorite moment!


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Oct 6, 2019 02:33 pm

That's really funny