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We all know that insects or bug can't do harm as much as we can do to them. However, even before our reasons tell us such fact, our bodies react abruptly.

There are various reactions of people when they have encountered the "bug attack". Some attacks can be very stimulating, such as crawling up one's leg or going inside one's mouth or ears. Other attacks can simply be their existence near us. Whatever it is, we would not want to go through it as less as possible as we live. 

There are some situations where idols are attacked by bugs on stage. Most stages in the festivals are done in the evening or at night so the bright lights on stage attract bugs and insects. It's quite natural for them to be near bright light but idols are sometimes very disturbed by them.

Here are some moments where idols encountered the deadly attacks of insects on stage!

SeolHyun of AOA

Moments of Idols Reacting to Insects&Bugs Attack on Stages


She was dancing, as usual, hot and sexy until she looked down on her legs. A large large insect (probably a mantis) was crawling its way up to her legs! She was stunned and paralyzed as soon as she saw the bug. The situation was over when the members helped her to get rid of it.



ZICO's incident is still one of the most hilarious events. While he was taking a brief moment to breathe after rapping, a MOSS went inside his mouth! ZICO quickly spat out the moss and continued rapping.  After the stage, he asked the audience if he has seen a moss entering his mouth and said, "I will select some people who filmed a moss entering my mouth, and send gifts ."


Hani of EXID

She is pretty well known for her honest and realistic reactions. When she saw a bee while dancing, she runs away quickly from where she was standing! Her facial expressions were so real. After the show, she posted on her SNS apologizing for her abrupt actions. (Fans thought it was really cute:P)


BaekHyun of EXO


BaekHyun seems so charismatic when he is performing. However, everything called charisma breaks like fragile glass as soon as he spots a bug near him. 


TaeMin of SHINee

TaeMin has a huge reaction for bugs and insects. His reactions cannot be controlled while he is dancing as well. One time, he almost knelt to shake off the bug! 



Among the members of GFriend, they've shown the most contradicting reactions to bugs! While UmJi and SinB took some major steps back in fear after seeing bugs, YeRin kicked the bugs out of the stage! 

Moments of Idols Reacting to Insects&Bugs Attack on Stages

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