While some people might think that the atmosphere and vibe of K-Pop agencies are similar to that of a typical South Korean corporate environment, there are actually times when it's not always so serious and rigid with the hierarchy system.

In fact, there have actually been moments where the idols have downright embarrassed the CEO's.

You can check them out below!


Yang HyunSuk?? Ugh No!


BLACKPINK member Rose was once asked if YG Entertainment founder Yang HyunSuk fit the description of her ideal type. Her response? Priceless.



It Must Be Nice To Live In This World As A Beautiful Woman


GOT7 once described how JYP Entertainment founder Park JinYoung first greeted them. They acted it out, imitating a very calm and uninterested version of Park JinYoung, tapping each member on the shoulder as he walked past them. However, they revealed that Suzy appeared at the time as well out of the blue.

Below is how Park JinYoung greeted GOT7 when meeting them for the first time.

And below is how Park JinYoung greeted Suzy.


Our CEO Has A Big Belly


BTS member J-Hope played the part of Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang SiHyuk.


This Is How YG Danced When He Was Younger. And He Thought This Was Cool?


AKMU member ChanHyuk probably made Yang HyunSuk red in the face a lot more than anyone else ever has in his life.


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