BTS members may all be close, but that doesn't stop them from throwing a few comments to annoy each other now and then.

JiMin is often teased by the members for being short, mostly by the group's golden maknae JungKook, is always showing affection towards Suga, who just usually isn't in the mood for it, and the list goes on.

RM and Jin have had a few moments as well. You can check them out below.


Jin Insists RM Is The Worst Dancer


Does That Look Like 10cm To You?


RM Can't Tell If Jin Is Drawing An Alpaca Or A Dog


RM Doesn't Remember Jin's Birthday


Jin Claims RM Once Pushed Him


RM Blew Out Jin's Candles


And RM Insists Jin Is The Worst At Dancing


But despite their rivalry, they still remain close as ever.


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