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Monday-Tuesday K-Dramas’ ratings are back! Which drama came first in the ratings this week?

"The Cursed" with Uhm JiWon, Jung JiSo, Sung DongIl and more started on tvN. "Diary of a Prosecutor" ended and from Feb. 24 “When The Weather Is Fine” with Seo KangJoon and Park MinYoung will start on JTBC.

2nd Week of February

Diary of a Prosecutor
The Cursed
Dr. Romantic 2
Diary of a Prosecutor
The Cursed

"Dr. Romantic 2" ratings continued to increase and reached the impressive ratings of 21.9%. It was its best-ever ratings.

"Diary of a Prosecutor" ended and ratings slightly increased from last week. The drama ended at 4.2%, reached its highest ratings at 5.0% in its second episode, and started at 5.0%.

"The Cursed" started and ratings were similar on both days.

You can check last week’s ratings of Monday-Tuesday dramas here.

Which drama are you watching?


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You can check Monday-Tuesday dramas pictures below.

Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 2nd Week Of February


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 2nd Week Of February


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 2nd Week Of February



Main Channels: Korea’s three major broadcasting networks including KBS, MBC, and SBS.

Cable Channels: JTBC, tvN, MBN, Olive, OCN, and others.


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