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Monday-Tuesday K-Dramas’ ratings are back! Which drama came first in the ratings this week?

"Good Casting" with Choi KangHee, Lee SangYeogb, and more started on SBS.

This week "A Piece of Your Mind" ended on tvN. From May 4 on tvN, the two-episode drama "April Snow" will air with Kim MiKyung, and Han HyeJin.

"365: Repeat the Year" also ended this week on MBC. From May 25 on MBC, "Dinner Mata" based on webtoon will air with Song SeungHeon, and Seo JiHye.

On JTBC, the next Monday-Tuesday drama will start on May 25, it is "Midnight Snack Couple" with Jung IlWoo, Kang JiYoung, and Lee HakJoo.


4th Week of April

Good Casting
365: Repeat the Year Ep.21
Born Again Ep.6
Born Again Ep.5
Good Casting
365: Repeat the Year Ep.24
365: Repeat the Year Ep.23
Born Again Ep.8
Born Again Ep.7
A Piece of Your Mind

"Good Casting" started and ratings slightly decreased on its second day.

"A Piece of Your Mind" ended and ratings were similar from last week on the overall. The drama ended at 1.2% with its 12th episode (originally 16 but reduced). The drama started at 2.4% and decreased ratings in the first three weeks of broadcast. Afterward, the ratings were stable with 1.2 or 1.1%.

"365: Repeat the Year" ended and ratings were higher than last week. The drama ended at 4.5%, reached its best ratings at 5.1%, and started at 4.0%.

"Born Again" ratings somehow increased from last week Tuesday night.

You can check last week’s ratings of Monday-Tuesday dramas here.

Which drama are you watching?


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You can check Monday-Tuesday dramas pictures below.

Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of April


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of April


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of April


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of April



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