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Monday-Tuesday K-Dramas’ ratings are back! Which drama came first in the ratings this week?

When The Weather Is Fine” with Seo KangJoon and Park MinYoung started on JTBC.

On SBS, "Dr. Romantic 2" ended and from March 2, "Nobody Knows" with Kim SeoHyung, Ryu DeokHwan, Park Hoon, and more will start.

4th Week of February

The Cursed
Dr. Romantic 2
The Cursed
When the Weather is Fine

"Dr. Romantic 2" ended and ratings were very high for the last episode. It reached its highest ever ratings at 27.1%. For information, the drama started at 14.9%.

"The Cursed" ratings were lower than last week.

"When the Weather is Fine" started this week and ratings decreased on its second day.

You can check last week’s ratings of Monday-Tuesday dramas here.

Which drama are you watching?


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You can check Monday-Tuesday dramas pictures below.

Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of February


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of February


Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of February



Main Channels: Korea’s three major broadcasting networks including KBS, MBC, and SBS.

Cable Channels: JTBC, tvN, MBN, Olive, OCN, and others.


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