Amazer, global Kpop video community, announced the new challenge called #ShootoutChallenge in collaboration with MONSTA X to promote their new album.

MONSTA X and  Amazer made MonstaXChallenge by song of Jealousy in May of this year have been successful with 75 countries users participating in the event. And It`s second collaboration. On amazer, MONSTA X members provide choreography that walk their fans through how to dance to Shoot out so that users can easily cover it. Anyone can easily participate the event by singing or dancing to MONSTA X`s new song, Shoot out and the members winking according to the song is also released, winking together can make videos easy and fun. Any videos that are submitted during the event period(~Dec. 5th) with the hashtag #ShootoutChallenge automatically enter the challenge.


Eight finalists will be handpicked by each member of MONSTA X and receive their autographed CDs, limited edition polaroids, etc.

“We predicted the huge success of MONSTA X` song ‘Jealousy’ by analyzing in-app video and hashtag trends, which led to us coming up with the idea of collaborating with MONSTA X in May.

Its success let us to plan the second event ‘ShootoutChallenge’ Many users are joining the challenge already, which shows the popularity of MONSTA X New song ‘Shoot out’ said Tensz Lee, CEO of amazer

MONSTA X And Amazer Announce The Second Collaboration Called #ShootoutChallenge


Amazer is a Kpop video community targeting Youtube Kids, also known as Generation Z, and available in 121 countries. Amazer was selected as one of ‘Eight Startups That Will Slay 2018’ by Sellev and has collaborated with various Kpop artists including MOMOLAND, Dreamcatcher, DIA, etc.


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