I.M. of MONSTA X joins hands with one of the hottest singer songwriter, Brother Su, for an epic global collaboration!

A post popped up on Starship's official SNS site that read, "MONSTA X_IM X Brother Su (Feat. J Han) Prod. by 216Project coming soon! Will you go out to find happiness together?" combined with a coming soon image.

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During a V App broadcast back in August, I.M. had given a teaser for the collaboration. "When I got the guide for the track, I thought I was melting," said the idol. Since then, MONSTA X fans have been anxious to hear news about the rapper's collaboration.

MONSTA X's I.M. & Brother Su Collaborates on Global Project

Starship Entertainment

216Project is a music therapy producing team headed by A June. The team has been busy promoting in Japan with recent performances in "In Ya Mellow Tone 2016", as well as a Korean duo group called A June & J Beat. With such a strong producing team, it made sense that J.Han would join in on the collab. J.Han is a Korean-American hip hop artist based off of Atlanta, and has been touring the world with his comedic rapping performances.

216Project and J.Han combined with the musical genius Brother Su and idol rap sensation I.M. makes for a global collaboration project that has fans around the world anxious and excited.

The I.M. X Brother Su (ft J.Han) Prod. by 216 Project collaboration will drop in October!

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