Hip hop boy group MONSTA X's rapper, JooHeon is getting ready to show the world his signature hip hop style on his upcoming new mix tape.

Starship Entertainment just dropped the bomb that JooHeon is getting ready to release his new mix tape, titled "OUT OF CONTROL". The new mix will be the rapper's second time around since his first track that was released in 2015.

The teaser features the idol's charismatic back with no set date for the release, but the words "COMING SOON". On an official statement, the label stated, "The first track from JooHeon's mix tape will be released tonight. 'RHYTHM' contains the personal lyrics that JooHeon felt throughout every single moment of his idol career so far, and the continuous flow is very addictive. Also, the music video for 'RHYTHM' was specially shot at Hong Kong."

JooHeon has always shown his distinctive style of rap through his first mix tape, titled "Jung Ji". Black Nut featured on the track 'N N', Flowsik on the second track 'Stay Strong', and JooHeon's specific style shined on his collaboration track 'FLOWER CAFE' with A June & J Beat, Sam Ock and I.M

JooHeon fans can especially look forward to the rapper's mix tape, as mix tapes are usually unhindered by the agency's guidelines. Artists are free to express their own desires and styles through the mix tapes to convey their emotions and feelings.

The first track off of JooHeon's new mix tape, 'RHYTHM',  will drop tonight at 10:00 pm KST.

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