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As many K-Pop followers may be aware, WonHo was removed from MONSTA X not too long ago when accusations of marijuana usage and unpaid debts made headlines.

WonHo has so far been cleared of the accusations involving marijuana usage.

Just recently, a blurry photograph that is allegedly of MONSTA X began to circulate among fans. The reason why is because fans believe that WonHo was with them, having dinner and enjoying a good time together.

At the moment, no confirmations have been made about whether WonHo was actually in the photograph or not.

MONSTA X Members Have Reunion With WonHo? What Fans Are Saying


MONSTA X Members Have Reunion With WonHo? What Fans Are Saying


Some fans have naturally been pleased to see them together again.


Unfortunately, other MONBEBE who wanted WonHo out of the group eventually sent messages to the group's fan cafe, criticizing the members for interacting with WonHo.

HyungWon soon released an apology on behalf of the group. The apology did not specify exact reasons but rather talked about how HyungWon thought some MONBEBE were going through difficult times because of the group. He also stated that he did not want any further misunderstandings as well.

"I feel like there's a lot of MONBEBE who aren't able to sleep at this hour because of me.

That is why I'm writing this.

First, I want to apologize and let MONBEBE know that I am so sorry.

Whatever the reason, I feel like we've become too complacent.

Things aren't looking too good for various reasons these days, and we should be more focused on showing the best version of ourselves, and I am sorry that we couldn't do that.

We will put more effort in to it so that MONBEBE don't have to suffer.

We will reflect upon our actions, so please watch over us.

And as I am writing this, there's a lot that's going on in my mind now.

I didn't want any misunderstandings, and I also couldn't just ignore the comments left by everyone.

This space is just for us, MONSTA X and MONBEBE, and it hurt me to see a lot of people struggling because of us.

My post won't solve everything but I am cautiously leaving this so that people won't have to go through difficult times more than they have to.

We are still lacking in many ways but we promise to make MONBEBE proud."

Stay tuned for updates.

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Shantelle Age 15
Shantelle Age 15
Dec 23, 2020 10:24 am

I am so happy. Those MBB's who are being haters because of this are not true MBB's. He was cleared of the drug accusations. You need to get over it. He was just having a good time with his friends. What's the problem with that. MONSTA X does not need to apologize to those who are fussing over nothing. What is the issue with Wonho having a get together with his friends. I swear I hate you people who hate for no reason. His debts have nothing to do with you. GET OVER IT!!!! OMG it's "Soooo" bad for the… Read more »

Dec 5, 2020 05:30 pm

I'm so happy to see this. As a new MBB I thought they never met after wonho left. But these pictures have finally given me some rest. I don't care if it's fake or not. I'm just going to live with this thought that it happened. Anti-wonho's should stop now because he has gone through the trials and judiciary. So chilllxxx and support monstaX+wonho.