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Jeong SeWoon had successfully wrapped up his solo concert "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" on April 21st and 22nd held in Seoul.

MONSTA X Praises Jeong SeWoon For His Hard Work Since Trainee Days

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On the second and final day of his concert, MONSTA X had appeared as special guests and danced to their songs 'Jealousy' and 'Dramarama'.

MONSTA X Praises Jeong SeWoon For His Hard Work Since Trainee Days

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When they were there, they also gave compliments to Jeong SeWoon regarding his hardworking attitude when he was still a trainee. They revealed that Jeong SeWoon went to the producing studio everyday!

He writes songs daily and MONSTA X was also curious when they would be able to hear him sing those songs which he had written. After making the comments, the fans who were presented were cheering loudly, hoping that the day would come soon too.

MONSTA X's KiHyun mentioned that he had been watching Jeong SeWoon since he was a trainee in their company and could not believe that he is now all grown up!

MONSTA X Praises Jeong SeWoon For His Hard Work Since Trainee Days

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They also teasingly said that Jeong SeWoon is sexy, cool and cute at the same time. Furthermore they also said that because of how cute Jeong SeWoon is, his fans are adorable too. With that, they lifted up the atmosphere of the concert.

Lastly, JooHeon also revealed that when they went for a schedule in Hong Kong, he was using the same bag as SeWoon! However, JooHeon soon realized that he had placed another huge bag inside the bag! JooHeon found his actions hilarious and cute.

MONSTA X even shared a picture of them at the concert on their twitter account.

It seemed that both MONSTA X and Jeong SeWoon have a very close relationship and fans are loving how they care and support for each other too! This was not the first time they have supported each other!

Hopefully in the future, even more could be seen from both MONSTA X and Jeong SeWoon!


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