MONSTA X promises an episode full of laughter for the next broadcast of “MONSTA X-Ray”.

The next episode of MONSTA X’s “MONSTA X-Ray” will be broadcasted tonight, the 19th.

On 18th, JTBC 2 and MONSTA X’s official SNS released the video preview of the second episode of “MONSTA X-Ray”. The preview of episode 2 revealed members in confusion as they received the mission to gimjang (preparing Kimchi for the winter). The representative said that there will also be a comical remake drama of “Love on a Jujube Tree”, with Shownu as the nagging queen mother-in-law, MinHyuk as the mean sister-in-law, and HyungWon as the hard working first daughter-in-law. Netizens, hearing this, anticipated for the show with the reactions “Just the preview is enough to promise an episode full of laughter.”, “Are they really idols? I almost threw up from laughing so hard.”, and “I anticipate for Thursdays because of this show.”

“MONSTA X-Ray” broadcasts every Thursday, 7PM KST, through various channels including JTBC 2 and Naver V Live.

MONSTA X Shows Off Their Crazy Variety Skills on “MONSTA X-Ray”

Starship Ent.

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