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Just recently on February 19th, during an episode of JTBC's 'Idol Room', MONSTA X appeared and revealed shocking new information about their monthly spending habits.

The K-Pop idol group revealed that they spend on average somewhere between $18,000 to $27,000 per month on just food alone. Imagine how much food you need to consume to spend that much on it. But if you might be wondering how they're not obese by this point, the idol group explained that their bets are on the exhausting choreography practices that they endure on a daily basis that keeps them fit.

And if you're curious about which member eats the most, you're in luck.

WonHo apparently is the member who can eat the most and seems to have an endless appetite. The other members have said that WonHo often finishes his food first and digs in from the dishes of other members afterwards. Oppositely, HyungWon is the member with the smallest appetite, saying that he often eats only half of his meals.

MONSTA X Spends Over 20,000 Per Month Just For Food


Glad to know the boys aren't going hungry and are constantly well fed!


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