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There are so many new groups that debuted just in 2018 and it is not easy to gain fans within a short period of time. However, some groups have proved many wrong and were able grew in fame both in South Korea as well as overseas.

Although just by judging by numbers may not be a good measure for their fame, it nonetheless proves the interest that people have for them.

For now, let's find out how much views these groups have for their dance practice video. Data are retrieved as of September 12th.


#1 (G)I-DLE- 'Latata' (10,456,450 views)

Dubbed as the monster rookie ever since their debut, the girls of (G)I-DLE prove their popularity with just their debut track. It is amazing to see how rookies were able to garnered large amount of views just for their dance practice video.


#2 PRISTIN V- 'Get It' (2,610,394 views)

For those who do not know, PRISTIN V is a sub-unit of PRISTIN and they consists of 5 members, NaYoung, KyulKyung, EunWoo, Rena and Roa. These 5 girls are powerful and charismatic in their dance practice video.


#3 Stray Kids- 'My Pace' (2,180,619 views)

No one can forget about the boys from JYP Entertainment! They were able to win the hearts of many girls just after their debut earlier this year. It is amazing to see how much views they have for their dance practice video!


#4 UNB- 'Feeling' (1,053,727 views)

Given a second chance, the 9 boys from UNB were able to show many their talents by debuting for a second time. Once again, they did not disappoint their fans and managed to garner more than a million views for their dance practice video.


#5 fromis_9- 'DKDK' (410,158 views)

fromis_9 officially debuted in 2018 and hence the dance practice video for 'Glass Shoes' were not included! For their next highest viewed dance practice video, it goes to none other than 'DKDK'! Are you also into these lovely girls?


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