You'd be amazed at how fast the numbers of the view counts stack when some of the most popular K-Pop idol groups release their music videos.

Just by looking at these figures alone can give you a general idea of how influential these idols are. We're talking about tens of millions of people, enough to literally create armies and nations

With YouTube being an important platform for music artists to promote their work and release their contents, the view counts have become and integral part of assessing music ratings. This means it affects the number of album sales and Billboard ranking positions.

Below are the most watched K-Pop MV's upon 24 hours after release.



36.2 Million Views

YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK may not have released as many songs as the other K-Pop idol groups in the scene, but they always make sure that their comebacks are 100% legit hits. Their latest comeback single 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' beat out even PSY and global superstars BTS.


PSY - Gentleman (2013)

36 Million Views

After his viral hit 'Gangnam Style', PSY's following release 'Gentleman' was inevitably going to rake up massive views as the whole world was curious as to what the funny horse riding dance move guy would do next.


BTS - Fake Love (2018)

35.9 Million Views

If you thought 'DNA' was amazing, 'Fake Love' can be considered legendary among K-Pop fans. It is arguably BTS's most anticipated comeback release among the Love Yourself series.


BTS - DNA (2017)

20.9 Million Views

They're not global stars for no reason. The MV for 'DNA' was their first milestone achievement internationally, but of course, they beat it with 'Fake Love' later on.


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Oct 28, 2018 05:27 pm

BTS’ Idol got like 50mil or something in 24hrs.