Watching fan cams of K-Pop idols has a particular beauty and merit.

While watching performances and videos that were shot by professional video crews is great, sometimes, just simple fan cams that focus upon a particular idol is nice as they seem more human and real in them.

Below are the fan cams that have been watched the most back in 2019.


BTS’s V: “Boy With Luv” (5.8 Million)


TWICE’s JiHyo: “Fancy” (6 Million)


BTS’s V: “Pied Piper” (6.5 Million)


BTS’s JiMin: “Boy With Luv” (6.6 Million)


BLACKPINK’s Jennie: “Don’t Know What To Do” (6.9 Million)


BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Swalla” (7.8 Million)


BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Swalla” (9.4 million)


BLACKPINK’s Rose: “Kill This Love” (9.7 Million)


BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Kill This Love” (10 Million)


BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Take Me” + “Swalla” (13 Million)


BTS’s JungKook: “Boy With Luv” (53 Million)


BTS’s V: “Boy With Luv”(68 Million)

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